SySt-value triangle gets a stuck situation running smoothly again

SySt value triangle

(Reading time: 3 minutes) This is an example of the analysis with the SySt-value-triangle of a theme on which a person or an organisation may get stuck. I have chosen a specific situation in which I got stuck. The SySt-value-triangle helped me to ensure everything ran smoothly again.

“I am stressed because a couple of things do not seem to get done, even though I am relatively less busy than I have been for the passed few months. What is going on? Which elements are at play? I am stuck in what seems to be a contradiction. How can I break this deadlock?”

I look at the SySt-value-triangle, and ask myself this exploring question: ‘what is this really about?’ I am bothered by the fact that I cannot seem to get any inspiration to – amongst other things – write the announcement for the Spotted Zebras Friday on 19 January. I am in action modus: doing this, doing that, doing all kinds of things I can cross of my to-do list. ‘Getting inspired’ just does not fit in with that list. Why can I not sit down and write? What do I need for that? Peace. An empty head. Inner peace. Letting go of the action buzz. Creating a timeless empty space. In which the new can grow. All elements to fill the SySt triangle are on the table. Meanwhile, I am in a place called Peace. Because I made myself.

So let me sort through the above-mentioned elements using the schema of the SySt triangle.



The pivotal theme in this situation is ‘getting inspired’. I put that in the centre of the triangle.








Secondly there is an aspect of the situation that belongs in the ‘away from’-category: that from which I want to get away. What I want to get away from is the action buzz. I want to let go of the action buzz. I put that on the right-hand side at the bottom of the triangle, at the Order pole.







Then there is something that belongs in the category ‘towards to’. I want to create a timeless empty space. That is what I want to move towards. I put that on the left-hand side at the bottom of the triangle, at the Trust pole.







In this situation, what should I attribute to the Knowledge pole? What are the correct words that really match this specific question? The Knowledge pole is always about balancing: some aspects of the Trust pole, and some aspects of the Order pole. I decide on ‘writing and rewriting’.
In other words: sitting down in peace, connecting with the intention I have with this announcement, and trusting that the inspiration will come (T-pole). And then I just start typing, regardless of what it is that I type. Allowing the inspiration to be on its way. Letting the flow gain momentum. Not rewriting at first, because that will obstruct the flow. Staying in the empty space, not judging whether what I am writing will be useable or not, trusting that something will turn out useful. And at the same time: typing away, staying active, embedded in trust. When the basic material is there, I will incline towards the O-pole: that is where the rewriting and the polishing come in. And the adding of practical details: where, when, etc.


I let it rest for a while, and get back to it a couple of days later – I am now completely at the O-pole, and this time I come from a place of inner peace. I also take all the useful pieces and phrases from a preparation that I had made before, but that was still very messy. Based on that information, I formulate the details of the Spotted Zebras Friday. Turns out my above-described exercise is an appropriate practical example to publish as a blog. Awesome! And at the same time: done! The invitation is ready, and I have a piece to publish.

Do you want to know more about the SySt triangle, and do you want to experience how you can use it to tackle challenges you or your organisation may face? Take a look at the Spotted Zebras Friday-program, and register today! The Spotted Zebras Friday takes place on 19 January, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., in Ghent near railway station Gent Dampoort.

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